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To uplift and edify others who may be trying themselves to live as disciples, just as we are


his website, which launched in June 2021, was conceived and built by a community of Bible-believing Christians who wish to share their faith and encourage others in their Christian walk. This West Texas-based group has met weekly for a number of years to study the Bible and to fellowship together, and the content you find here was composed by members of this group.

Individually, as group members, we do not claim special credentials to validate our viewpoints. We believe that any practicing Christian who dedicates time and effort to Bible study likely has worthwhile insights and conclusions to share. Some of what you’ll find in this site’s content is material that benefited from the free exchange of ideas that can occur when serious students of the Word come together and diligently search the scriptures. As the Bible asserts, “Iron sharpens iron.”

All this being so, part of our impetus for creating Living as Disciples is to testify to the power of everyday Christian Bible study by ordinary individuals. We, as a group, have found that our regular gatherings enrich our faith and deepen our understanding. We want to extend that influence beyond our own circle. More, we hope that visitors will see and appreciate the Bible-based teaching and sharing that lives here, and be inspired to form their own local Bible study groups. We also hope to uplift and edify others who may be trying themselves to live as disciples, just as we are. May you be blessed in your Christian walk, just as we ourselves are blessed.

do your own study

The more one studies the Bible, the more one comes to be amazed at its consistency and logic and wisdom.


he organizers and creators of this website urge anyone who is seeking to become a Christian or to live the life of a disciple of Christ to do his or her own study of the Bible, and not rely entirely on the teachings and interpretations of any one group or any one authority figure. While the Bible itself is an infallible guide to eternal life, and a blueprint for progressing in Godliness, human beings themselves are fallible and imperfect.

Christianity itself thrives in environments where independent thinking abounds. The Bible will stand up to anyone’s scrutiny. Any of its doctrines invite—and reward—hard questioning and vigorous debate. The more one studies the Bible, the more one comes to be amazed at its consistency and logic and wisdom. But far more than that, there is the Bible’s testimony about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the salvation that comes from what Christ has done for sinners everywhere.

Many people today feel that it is not their place to formulate their own opinions about the Bible’s teachings, as to how they should be interpreted or acted upon. But that feeling is unfortunate, and ultimately it is harmful, because God’s Word is not just equally available to all—it is equally graspable by all. We are not just invited to delve into its riches—we are commanded to do so. As the apostle Paul writes in 2nd Timothy 2:15: “Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”

for your convenience

We have given each Bible study article on this website its own “rating,” as to whether it is more apt for those who might be deemed “basic” in their understanding of the Bible, or those who could be called “intermediate,” or those who are far enough along to be thought of as “advanced.” Please note the tags that we show here. They are designed to serve as a guide to help you gain understanding. Some may prefer to start with the “basic” articles in order to build a strong foundation of Bible knowledge. Others who are seasoned Bible students will enjoy diving deeper with those articles that are indicated as “advanced.  You’ll find one associated with each Bible study post on this site. We hope this helps you to find the material best suited to your particular needs.

the bible is the living and active word of God.

diam posuere morbi eleifend hendrerit duis maximus lacus.

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